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2016 Newest Intelligent Automatic Vacuum Cleaner
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Product: Views:2442016 Newest Intelligent Automatic Vacuum Cleaner 
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Last updated: 2017-10-07 15:13

2016 Newest Intelligent Automatic Vacuum Cleaner/cleaner robot/floor cleaner QQ6/Dust Ball Robot cleaner

Item model:QQ6

This product is a revolutionary robotic vacuum cleaner.
Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner (QQ6)

This product is a revolutionary robotic vacuum cleaner. It utilizes:
1 Rolling brush by triangle allocation
2 Side brush
1 storey dust bin unique design
2 option clean method---Non-collided and Soft-touched
4 drop sensors to keep unit from falling off
High and silence vacuum suction
Auto self charging base ----Smart and efficiency
Ultraviolet light to disinfect air from air outlet
Spot spiral movement---- Used remoter Mode 1, from inside to outside cycling
All cleaning parts could renew from unit outside and by yourself
Cleaning a wide variety of floor types
Optimum dimension 33*8 cm (13 *3.1 inch) ----Enables cleaning under beds and furniture


Model NO.: 
Application:  Dry 
Feature:  Without Bag
Classification:  Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Type:  Cyclone
Certification:  CE
Color:  Black ,white
Diameter : 33cm
Height 8cm
Weight: 3.7kg
Dust Bin Capaci t y: 0.32 liter
Speed : 18.5~20.5 cm/sec
Voltage:  DC 14.4V
Power consumption:  25W
Remote controller type : RF,10m
Indicator type : LED with pattern
Noise Level:  Max. 65dB
Suction Power : 2.0m/sec
Sweep capacity : rubbish size L: 6cm , Section : 0.9 cm x 0.9 cm
Cleaning Algorithms
1. Special Bounce
2. Spiral
3. Along Wall
4. "S" Shape
5. Polygonal Spiral
Charging Time:  2-3hours
Battery :  Ni-MH 2800mA
Running Time:  Min. 70 minutes
Room coverage : 4.8m*4m in 20min.
Crawling up ability : 8.0mmMax.
Non-colliding-sensor detected height min. 5.5cm
Non-colliding-sensor detected width 45°in ahead >6.5cm ; -22.5°~-82.5°>2.5cm ; +22.5°~+82.5°>2.5cm
Non-colliding-sensor detected distance <5cm


Detailed Character&colon;
1&period;Smart cleaning&colon; Pressing the AUTO key&comma; robot vacuum cleaner will do cleaning in automatic condition&period;
2&period; Remote control&colon; Wireless remote control&period;
3&period; Automatic charging&colon; It will get into recharging mode in advance when theBattery is going to run out&period; And then it will search for charging base to charge Automatically&period;
4&period; Ultrathin fuselage&colon; It can drill down to the bottom of bed and sofa to clean&period;
5&period; five cleaning patterns&colon; Along wall&comma; Polyponal Spiral&comma;Spot Spiral&comma;Special Bounce&rpar;
6&period; 2pcs Side brush&colon; The side brush is equipped in the right side of the fuselage&comma; so that Robot vacuum cleaner can clean the corners of the room conveniently&period;
7&period; Touch panel &colon;You can master the working condition through the menu Display&period;
8&period; Anti-falling system&colon; It can avoid dropping off from the table&comma; stairs&comma; and any other high Place under normal circumstances&period;
9&period; Material&colon; Fireproof&comma; waterproof and antistatic ABS with textured back shell&period;
10&period; Virtual wall&lpar;with Ulrtrasonic sensor&rpar;&colon; It can block area by sending special infrared signal so as to prevent the cleaner from entering some unnecessary areas 
11&period; UV sterilization&colon; It can kill bacteria in the house and create a comfortable and fresh environment&period;
12&period; Low noise and energy saving&colon; The working noise is lower than 55dB&period; 
13&period; Self-help&colon; After being caught in 10s&comma; the robot cleaner will power off automatically for security&period;
14&period; Anti-collision system&colon; The robot cleaner will adjust the direction automatically when it runs into obstructions&period;
15&period;Garbage box full reminder&colon;When the garbage box is full&comma; the robot will you automaticly with" FU" in the display&period;
16&period;Ultrasonic Sensor&colon;Bulit-in ultrasonic detection instrument to determine the extent of the ground clean&comma; make the cleaning more effective&period;
17&period;Update version with mop parts &comma;can vacuum and mop the floor in the same time &comma;make the floor more clean &period;
18&period;New material of the roller brushes&lpar; fiber with Alum alloy steel&rpar; will make it more durable &period;
19&period;Suspension type vortex dust mouth design can automaticly adjust the height according the different environmental height&comma; will make the floor more clean&period;
20&colon; Self Problem Check&comma;when the robot have the problem &comma;it will shows the error code in the display&period;

1 X Main unit
1 X Charging base
1 X box of spare parts &lpar; side brush &ast;1 &plus; filter&ast; 1 &rpar;
1 X Remote Control 
1 X Battery &lpar; inside main unit&rpar;
1 X Charger
1 X Manual
1 X Cleaner brush
1 X Hair-cleaner-tool
1 X Mop Parts
1 X Cleaner brush &lpar; on the top of dust bin&rpar;
1 X Rolling brush cleaner &lpar; on the back of charging base &rpar;

All above describtion are our products specify intrduction&comma;we will offer your the best price and service&comma; we can provide all of requires what you need&comma;You can be confident&comma;because we believe in our quality&excl;If you have intention&comma;Please Dont Hesitate on contact us&excl; Thank you very much&excl;